ward’s berry farm


This week I am featuring one of my favorite fall finds. A few years ago, while searching for the perfect place to get both pumpkins for carving, but also a variety of fun fall squash, gords, jams, local grown ANYTHING really…I came across Ward’s Berry Farm. Ward’s was not only one I stumbled upon, but also one with the best reviews. Although I like to experience things for myself, if the reviews are glowing…they must be doing something right! Not only is the outdoor space family friendly, but the indoor space….guys, dreamy! High ceilings, fresh produce everywhere you turn…AND they serve breakfast and lunch!! A very large menu of the best recipes, and homegrown produce, options are endless! Take it to-go, or enjoy it on the picnic benches right outside.

This year once we picked our pumpkins, and visited some of the friendly animals, we made our way inside. When you first pull-in you get your choice of wagon to use to tote around your goods…how cute. Of course I made Jared pull it as I obviously carefully pick each decorative pumpkin. Heading inside hungry was not the best idea, probably should have eaten before. But the prices weren’t that bad either! So…win, win? The smells…just truly heavenly. I made sure not to go too crazy, but I shall for sure be back real soon. Baked goods, nuts, jams, fruits, vegetables, breads, pastas, candy…the list goes on and on. The menu…well, I’ll just let you check that out for yourself. Check out their site via the link below, and swing by for lunch sometime!! Each season there are great reasons to visit Ward’s Berry Farm!

Ward’s Berry Farm

One last note…one of the many reasons I am choosing to highlight Ward’s is the fact that small local businesses, are the businesses that deserve our money, attention, and voice. People like you, like me, are putting everything they have into their work day in and day out to feed, entertain, and supply for you…and me. Yes, big box are convenient and cheaper at times, but if you can…make the extra ten minute drive, spend the extra ten bucks, not only will those small business owners appreciate it, but so will your body! Now THAT is a win, win.

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