the treasure that is coconut oil

Where to even begin…coconut oil is such a cool thing, ya know? Like tell me another substance that can do SO much, yet be SO good for both humans and not be as harmful to the environment?! I honestly wish I had started using it SO much sooner. Unfortunately the stigma that coconut oil has a huge coconut flavor had my mother fooled a bit. Regardless it was her choice  not to use, but stumbling on it in college was one of the best products I learned to adapt to and research! I’m going to elaborate a bit on how I use it day to day, and then a little deeper into ALL of the different uses.


I started using coconut oil just to cook with, replacing it for olive oil, canola oil, or any baking spray. To me the taste was much lighter and the food cooked slower and more consistently than using other oils. The smell is only noticeable to me at the moment it hits the heat, and then disappears. I also started using it to shave with. WOW. guys this for me is probably the most life changing use. I have some rather long legs, so shaving in general is a pain. Then the post-shower lotion process to prevent dry, scaly legs…ugh. welp, not anymore. I leave a bottle of coconut oil in my shower, and use it every. single. time. I shave! Not only does the actual shave feel 10X better, NO LOTION NECESSARY. seriously though…my legs feel amazing when I get out of the shower and there is no need for lotion. (your dog will not leave you alone…heads up haha)

I usually buy either Trader Joe’s brand, or will grab a Simply Nature or similar brand from homegoods or world market. Both a Refined and Unrefined bottle. Refined for cooking, and unrefined for shaving! Which leads me to that stigma I mentioned earlier…

There are two types of coconut oil you’ll notice. Unrefined and refined. All coconut oil is extracted from the same part of the coconut, the “meat”. The main difference is HOW it is extracted and then processed.

Unrefined coconut oil (I use for shaving) is also known as “pure” or “virgin” coconut oil. It is the pure oil that is the product of a relatively low-heat extraction process. As a result, it may have a bit of a coconut flavor. (hence the stigma!) If you don’t want the flavor, you are looking for refined coconut oil!

Refined coconut oil (I use for cooking!), as the name suggests, has been refined and processed, which is why it has less of a coconut flavor. Refined coconut oil uses the “copra”, which is the same meat of the coconut but dried not wet. It then goes through the RBD process, which is to refine, bleach, and deodorize the oil.

Both are GREAT options! Check out these links below for some more information! and a lot more ways to use in the photos below! (:

Coconut Oil Facts

Difference between refined and unrefined coconut oil





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