set, shake, stretch

Being a dancer my entire life, I love the structure and vibe of a good class. Having an instructor that is both motivating and knowledgeable, not having to think about what is next but really being able to focus on exactly what my body is doing in the moment, and that amazing adrenaline rush from a room full of sweaty humans all working towards their goals, or working out their issues…together. Anyway…having since graduated from college where I danced at least 4 days a week to pushing myself to work-out and take a class here and there, to say I was missing it was an understatement.

Enter my good friend Meg. I have said this before and I will say it again…having good friends is a blessing, but having good friends that are also SUPER talented…I mean jackpot, right? yes. jackpot. Not only does Meg make my hair actual goals (shout-out to Gloria & CO), she also has the same dancer vibes running through her veins as me. When she told me about the new barre studio opening near her I was super excited! Not all folks…she added she would be an instructor too! Fast forward to a little over a month since opening day of the barre and I have found that studio community vibe I had missed so much! (I’m not crying your crying) Being able to find that energy again UGH, didn’t realize how much I needed it.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with what barre is I am going to both dive a little deeper into it, and brag about how well “The Barre New Bedford” does it. I truly think their explanation is perfect! In their app via mind body, each class you book comes with a full explanation of what you will get out of it. (even though I promise you will not truly understand until trying for yourself!) Class is 60 minutes long, which goes by SO fast. Check the description below!

“Our signature class will transform your body and mind! We guarantee you will see and feel a difference in just 4 weeks (when attending 3-4 class a week) The Barre 60 utilizes movements that are inspired by ballet, yoga, and pilates, set to fun and motivating music. The full body method activates one muscle group at a time with small, controlled movements, also known as isometric movements, which are very effective for burning fat and adding muscle tone. During class, your muscles are sculpted and strengthened, by working them to the point of fatigue, followed by a deep stretch to lengthen them out and create long, lean muscles. Each class begins with a warm up and then travels through the body from the arms, thighs, seat/glutes, abdominals and ends with a cool down. The Barre 60 also builds core strength, which improves posture and body alignment. It will also help you maximize your flexibility, while developing endurance and strength. Not only are these results physically transformational, the small controlled movements in barre connect the mind and body, which lead to a greater inner awareness and mental strength/grit. As you move through your barre journey, you will find a deeper control and connection to the movements allowing you to further you practice and continually see progress. There is no plateau here! We value proper form and perform hands on adjustments to get you into the right positions for the best barre bum and to prevent injuries. The barre classes are naturally low impact and are designed to adapt to ALL fitness levels and ability. every BODY welcome!”   

Like I said, it has only been a little over a month since they opened and wow am I seeing results. Both in my body and mainly in my mind. There is always something new to try too! As I type this it is day 4 of their 20 in 30 challenge. I am pumping it up a notch and going for a 30 in 30! (30 classes in 30 days) They just announced an adorable barre “date night”, bring your significant other, sweat it out & then mingle and eat and cheers to an amazing night! I cant wait to see what they come up with next.

Now again, my post is about my experience! You may not have been a dancer and some of the positives for me won’t be the same for you. But I do PROMISE you will have no problem finding your own positives!

Meet me at the barre (;

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